Google Maps Improved, HERE is still Struggling.

Google Maps Improved, HERE is still Struggling.


Google Maps has improved its usability to provide users with an easy navigation experience.

The new interface showcases a larger visual area since Google has hide the search & explore bars from the screen. Where one tap causes those bars to disappear and another brings them back, it looks like a subtle upgrade.

On the other hand, Nokia is still struggling to sell its mapping service ‘HERE’.

As per the new Reuters reports, the news of conciliation between Nokia and German Car makers regarding buying HERE has died down, are tagged as unravelling. The consortium of German Cars includes BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen which are currently using HERE maps for navigational purposes. As digital industry is seeing a boom, digital maps are considered vital for development of self-driving cars.

The issue which is pulling off the two parties is Price. Nokia wants to recoup its billions it spent on NAVTEQ years ago, but buyers are flinching away from the deal as they feel that the prices NOKIA is asking are quite high.

In 2007, where Nokia paid 8 billion dollars more for NAVTEQ, it is now trying to seek around $3-$4 billion from dealers. Microsoft earlier tried to buy HERE along with Nokia’s mobile devices division but that didn’t work out as Nokia was not so keen back then. But as per the latest news, the company has been trying to stimulate demand and bidding with leaked press reports among other tactics.

One of the serious bidders was Uber, but the company’s purchase of some Microsoft’s mapping assets has portrayed their descended interest rate in HERE.

Now the question which arises is- What is Nokia planning to do with HERE? If selling it is the only option, what would be the price NOKIA will quote? And if it is planning to retain HERE, then the company needs to continue its investment in the product to keep it updated and competitive in market

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