How Brands can benefit from Twitter’s New Timeline?

How brands can benefit from Twitter's new timelineTwitter recently made its new algorithmic timeline available globally. The social media network that offers businesses a platform to quickly connect with their users introduced this update to make users’ timeline more live and informed.

Though the new timeline is optional for the businesses, for now, they can leverage the power by updating is quickly. Not only for the businesses, Twitter’s new timeline is equally important for users also, as it will allow them to get better tweet updates. Users will now be able to see more organic tweets from the brands they follow.

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Increased Reach:

The tendency of tweets and retweets grows when users see more updated tweets from different brands. It gives businesses an opportunity to enhance their reach by making more engaging tweets. The experiments and tests by the team at Twitter show that this new change has a positive impact on the engagement of organic tweets and live events. So, by focusing more on organic tweets, brands can grow engagement rate on their account.

More Visibility:

Brands can boost their visibility by posting more organic tweets to enhance interactions. It is easily possible with interactive content. In short, they should focus on both creative and advertising investment.

Increased Traffic:

When users find new tweet updates in each visit, the chances of their coming back for news feed increase. It is a good news for social media marketers, as they will be able to grow traffic on their account as well as on their website.

Content Quality Improvement:

Twitter says that it will give priority to the accounts having more engagement, interactions and high-quality tweets for the new timeline. Followers will get only great content, which they missed. So, the businesses will have to focus more on creating great content and get featured in the live updates.

No Impact on Advertisers

Yes, the new timeline does not affect promoted tweets and promoted accounts. However, brands with better organic reach due to quality content have an opportunity to get more from Twitter’s advertising. Businesses can make it possible by understanding user requirements and their expectations.

Are you ready to leverage the power of this new timeline for your brand? Just focus on offering more relevant content and go live.

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