Why SEO Content is most important for Fashion Blogs

It really should come as no surprise that prevailing trends of fashion are caught by search trends too. Google substantiated this by having its own search trend data do an audit of Pinterest’s fashion results for the spring of 2012.

Judging by last year’s reports, Pinterest will soon begin acting as a tool via which users can search for fashion forecasts which will help trends gain importance and drive traffic. Don’t believe us? Go to Pinterest and search for the “color block” trend – it has an endless list of boards and pins devoted to it. Not to be left behind, E-commerce fashion companies and organizations are already way ahead – they gather information about future sales predictions and devote entire marketing teams that focus on feature planning and promotion. However, SEO remains largely in the background.SEO friendly Content for Fashion Website

So how does one go about SEO optimization for fashion websites? It begins with thorough research. Find out about potential products that can be sold on your website, and research about them. For example, you can focus on future top silhouettes, product types, hottest colors, prints, materials etc. Keep an eye on various international fashion weeks; they’re a good source for predicting fashion trends 6 months in advance.

Also, keep yourself updated via Pantone. For the uninitiated, it is the color bible in the world of fashion and it also influences designer and buyer choices, which finally make it to market. Its season’s top ten colors are splashed all over the internet, so knowing which color is going to be popular when gives you an SEO advantage. This year’s Pantone Color is emerald green, and the Google AdWords Keyword Research Tool has already shown that the monthly search in America for the keyword “emerald dress” was 12,000+. Find current trends through Google Trends. Finally, from the list of future trends that you’ve made, create keyword targets and convert them into Meta data and URL recommendations, if possible.

It’s all about how you convert this data into a seasonal SEO strategy, so here’s a brief summary:

Keep an eye on the reigning trends in Pinterest

Dig into the editorial coverage of next season’s trends

Swear by Pantone’s color report

More and more people are becoming comfortable searching for fashion trends online because it’s their quickest source of information for the apparel and fashion industries. SEO optimization via the most relevant and updated fashion keywords will ensure your company’s site’s launch into most major search engines’ top results. And what does that get you? That’s right – increased exposure, traffic and eventually, increased profits.

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