Why you should start advertising your google+ posts

Google is to the twenty first century as the television was to the twentieth century; it’s presence is so commonplace that it is hardly noticed anymore. But Google, which was founded in the early 2000’s as a Ph.D project out of Stanford University, has become much more than just the Internet – it has grown into one of the most lucrative companies in the world, and the company is growing. Not only is Google the world’s most highly trafficked search engine, providing a hub for the gathering and sharing of information, Google also is competing with companies like Apple and Samsung for the electronics market – from tablets to phones to music devices, Google is doing it all. Google has developed a series of drones ready for civilian use and for package delivery. Google has even reportedly developed a self-drive smart car. But what is lesser known is that Google has also entered the marketing world, offering services that are great for business-to-business interactions. The platform: Google Plus.

 Google Plus isn’t your average social media platform like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram or Youtube – although it does offer similar services. Using Google Plus, you can post photos, share links, and information in a similar capacity to most social media platforms. The difference, however, is that Google remains true to the spirit of Google – instead of posting for the sake of posting, Google allows companies to create their own circles of followers, and then target specific audiences, or clientele, depending on the content of what is being shared. The emphasis of Google Plus is on ideas more than anything else – it’s a platform that forces your company to tell others about the content of what you’re offering, rather than showing off what you’ve got. Here are some helpful tips to know, or to remember (if you’re already a regular) when using Google Plus to market your company:


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