How to Stay Ahead of Competitors With Content?

How to stay ahead of competitors with content?

Wondering why you are not able to impress visitors even after posting a lot of content every day?

Today there is an abundance of content in the digital world. Almost everyone from a stay-home mom to a student and an individual having good knowledge of any subject, all are posting content. Talk to 10 people and you will find that half of them own a blog.

Now you must be thinking what’s the problem with this? The problem is with the creativity and uniqueness in the content. Write any keyword in the search bar and you will see a large number of options with almost similar content.

In such a market condition where people have already posted a lot of content on almost every topic, how can you expect your content to perform well and draw the attention of visitors?

You can still win the race and stand out of the competition by posting unique content. Recently I was searching for the best gift ideas for Valentine’s Day and most of the blogs posted had the list of gift options. Some tried to differentiate their lists by including buying links for the products mentioned in the list, which I quite liked. As I never buy any product without comparing it on different online stores, I was looking for a blog with the same feature. When I didn’t find any such blog, I myself wrote one.

So you can also look for some interesting ideas and topics that the competitors have not covered yet and can drive more traffic to your website. There are tools like BuzzSumo and Ahrefs Content Explorer that let you see the content performing well on different platforms. If you see a lot of articles getting attention on PPC, you can explore some of the articles and can add something that is missing in them.

For instance, if you see articles with just the tips but no real life examples, you can add some articles with the pictures and details of experiments you did to reach the conclusion.

Just have a look at this blog on ‘dog-friendly national parks’.

dog-friendly national parks

No doubt the blog is good enough with the pictures and details of the places where you can hike with your dogs. But it can be made more interesting, engaging and unique by including pictures of people enjoying there with their dogs. This would be a great way to get more social shares from the people whose pictures have been included in the blog.

Here are some tricks to make your content better than competitors to get more eyes on it:

Photos and images: There are many free images sources from where you can get amazing pictures for your blogs and social media posts

Screenshots: This helps you win the trust of the readers as it makes them believe that you have personally worked to check different features and clicked pictures of the same.

Videos: If you are writing about some product or feature that need special skills, you can include a video of the same in your blog.

Downloadable files: Users love to get downloadable material like PDF files, Whitepapers etc. You can include the same in your content to offer more value to the readers.

Outbound links: If you find some high-quality and high authority sites that can offer value to your readers, don’t be afraid to add a link to the site.

Unique information in this overwhelmed digital world with almost similar posts is the only trick to win customers and get more readers.

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