Why should Startups Focus on Behavior Engineering for Success?

Why should Startups Focus on Behavior Engineering for Success?The cut-throat competition in the online world is not hidden from anyone. Multiple new brands enter the market every day and strive hard to create a niche for themselves. But do you think it’s that easier for the startups to snatch leads from already existing and reputed brands? No, by simply offering the alternate of some product, you cannot expect to get the success in the web market.

In this age of multitude of options in the online world, the entrepreneurs need to generate new user habits to get a strong hold on the market. This can be possible only when you are a behavior expert. If you get success in forming strong user habits, you have more chances of getting success.

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Are you confused about user habits? Let’s make is clear with some examples. Does someone force you to check your phone for email notifications or to visit the social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter after every few hours? No, this is your uncontrollable urge. In the same way, if you are asked about the best mobile phone brands, the first click in your mind will be “Apple”. Actually, these brands have made a strong impact on their users’ mind that their brain exactly the way the brands want them to.

In the highly competitive online world, these user habits play a vital role in the success of startups. So how to create user habits and get benefited from them? Here are some tips to help you grow by becoming a behavior engineering expert.

Making Money from User’s Behavior

Since the inception of the online world, the media companies have made money from users’ behavior. They use different techniques. The biggest examples are the AOL and Yahoo! which made money in early years of online world by selling their users’ attention in the form of ad impressions.

There was a revolution in the web world when numerous dial-up customers turned to the online world. Today’s leading social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, which had a good understanding of behavior engineering started dominating the social world. Social media played a vital role in habit forming. Users were so comfortable with these that they also allowed the businesses to layer essential information for increased profitability.

Don’t just Stick to Getting Viral; User Habits are More Important

Viral growth is something, on which most of the businesses focus. But the truth is that user habits are more important for the overall success of any business than just viral growth. The startups must focus on building habit creating in their business models because today more than getting users’ attention, acquiring new customers is more difficult.

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Though companies can rely on paid ads for easy visibility, but these do not ensure leads and sales. So, you cannot heavily rely on viral growth for the success. There have been businesses which grew rapidly by offering value to the customers but could not sustain due to lack of understanding of user habits.

So the focus for more profitability should be on a right combination of viral growth and user habits.

User Habits are the Future of the Curated Web World

Yes, this is true, the companies in coming future will become user behavior expert. Curated Web companies are already using this weapon by offer value to the users in terms of informative content. Curated Web companies further strive to improve their services by understanding what their users want and serving them as per the expectations.

Habit creation is not a piece of cake. It is easier said than done. You need to spend a lot of time and study your target audience to form habits.

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