Why Should You Give Importance to Website’s Page Speed?

 Why Should You Give Importance to Website’s Page Speed

Have you ever come across a website that take a lot of time to load? How do you feel at that time? Very frustrated, right!!

What if your website also lies in that category and gives the same experience to your visitors?

Don’t let your valuable visitors leave your website out of frustration and take away your business. Slow websites just drive away the traffic and increase the bounce rate.

Besides losing visitors, there are various others reasons you should give due attention to website page speed and get a user-friendly website with great functionality.

1. Direct impact on bounce rate: Higher the bounce rate lower is the time people spend on your website. In short, high bounce rate indicates the bad quality of the website. Slow page speed can be a big contributor in increased bounce rate.

Your focus should be on holding the visitors on the website for longer. If you think that you can easily do this by posting killer content and advanced online marketing strategies, all your efforts can go in vain if the site takes forever to load.

If figures are to be believed, even one percent change in site loading time has 11 percent impact on page views. Where 25% visitors leave the site if it takes more than four seconds to load, around 46% visitors never visit the site again.

2. It affects Google rankings: Google gives due importance to the page speed while deciding rankings of any website. Minor improvement in the website page speed can help you get better rankings than competitors. So, if you really want to impress Google to get more traffic, ask your website designer to create a speedy website.

3. It impacts conversion rates: There have been many cases where online buyers abandon the website even after selecting products and adding them to the cart due to slow page speed. This has a direct impact on the conversion rates, profits and business growth.

4. It indicates host quality: The hosting plan also impacts the website page speed. Cheaper the plan slower will be the speed. Sometimes shared web hosting can also be the culprit for long loading time. If you find that the major cause of slow speed is web host, start looking for better options at the right time.

Though the website design, content, images and colors are important for the success of your online business, page speed also has an equal role to play. It has a direct impact on user experience and Google rankings. So, you cannot take the risk of ignoring this important factor.

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