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Expansion of Online Videos and Advertisement

Social Media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are increasing their horizon by investing in advertising platforms. This delivers more options for brands to connect with the audience and is expected to generate a larger revenue in future years.

Consumers demand rapid access to real-time and offline events. To keep this momentum, an inclination is more towards the live video streaming for the social media marketing. Nowadays video content has been added in the search engine algorithms and more video offers have been served to advertisers.


Major focus is on audience engagement

The digital marketers have to target the audience engagement and monetize their experiences across all the social media channels and platforms. Audience engagement gives a boost to the brand value. Analyzing the time a reader spends actively on a page, it is important to measure the impact of media campaigns by utilizing different matrices.

Getting every experience personalized helps the media industry to win over the digital world. RoundAark works on various delivery platforms.


Emergence of app indexing is helping the business owners

App indexing is a way of dropping the app content into mobile search result and has taken pace all through the years. App has proven to be more responsive to different users and provides a convenient platform. Therefore, many business firms are adopting to apps usage in mobile websites.

At RoundArk, we are aware that mobile search and the relevant marketing industry is dynamic and its optimization is needed in every step. App indexing provides a wider search potential, boosts traffic and enhances visibility on search engines. We give you a platform on how to index your app on various engines.


Developing robust digital tools for the customer benefits

In today's arena consumers not just need print, videos and other measures of media, but they look out for control based and interactive search drove results. Therefore, the need is to build an effective relationship with the consumers by building up new digital tools.

At RoundArk, we combine content with an application that serves great benefits to the consumers. We make use of relation based marketing strategies to increase consumers footfall. We are well equipped with skills and endeavors to deliver the digital marketing services.

Customer Expectation is the stepping stone to success

The media world is evolving with the latest trend coming up every now and then and to meet the expectations of the digitally empowered consumer is a challenge. The media technologies offer various ways to engage efficiently with the customers. Consumer demands an easy usage along with the technical advancement.

At RoundArk, we offer the best experience to the customers at affordable prices to meet the expectations of the digital-savvy customers.