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RoundArk focuses to develop and deliver an optimized website experience on various devices with varied widths and resolutions such as personal computer, notebook, tablet, phones etc. If the customer wishes to develop a new website design, we try to incorporate responsive web to scheme of things and if the customer already has a website, we try to amend it and make it responsive.

Features Provided

  • Provide website for every screen
  • Provide easy access to customers
  • Website owner could be connected by a single link
  • Improved user experience
  • Search Engine Optimization friendly
  • Opens faster in smart devices
  • To integrate Social Media optimization icons

We provide benefits like

  • Build a single code and run it across all the websites
  • Can be viewed across any screen size, even considering the major differences in widths and heights or screen resolution
  • Boost Search Engine Optimization, rendering an improved page ranking
  • A single link lowers the cost of maintenance and efforts put in
  • Delivers flexibility as changes could be made at single place

Solutions we administer at RoundArk comprises of

  • Provide measures to upgrade the mobile and tablet viewing of the website visitors, there is no need of vertical and horizontal scrolling
  • No requirement of maintaining and designing separate websites for the mobile users
  • Fit elements into big and small screens with less required efforts
  • Content is separated from the style