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Google Plus Checklist

Google+ aka Google Plus, is a social platform that brings to one place all information from many Google products. You get to create circles on this platform. Instead of sharing something with all your contacts, you get to update them in different circles or groups of people.

First Things First

  • Take Up a Custom URL: Although the custom URL is based on your page name, but Google might ask you to add a few letters/ numbers to the end to give it a unique touch.
  • Add Your Business Name: Though no such limit has been set up by Google on this, but to come up in SEO searches, it is advisable you stick to somewhere under 60 characters.
  • Set a Password: To ensure account safety, it is advisable you keep a difficult password and change it on a frequent basis.
  • Add The Website: The URL selected by you will be the homepage of your website. It is important that you land the person to an appropriate landing page.
  • Write a Tagline: Given a limit of 140 characters, you ought to explain about your company/ service/ product within this here. Try keeping that to 35-40 characters because that is all the hover card will grab and show.
  • Fill In The 'About' Section: For this you get around 3000 characters.
  • Add the Contact Info: Adding this helps people find and contact you easily.

Pictures That Speak

  • Upload a Profile Image: Nothing less than 250*250 px is acceptable, but bigger resolutions work superb.
  • Choose a Cover Pic: The best size, according to Google, is 1080*608 px. The image should be at least 480*270 px. The maximum you could go is 2120*1192 px.
  • Share An Image: The maximum size for this is 2048*2048 px. However, it displays as 497*373 px within the feed.

Next Steps

  • You must have a personal account on Google+, only then can you create a Google+ page.
  • You can create 3 types of business pages: brand, service area, and local storefront.
  • You can create circles based on various factors. This helps post something for a particular group/ circle.
  • Use relevant hashtags.
  • Encourage your followers to review you. This helps you rank well on Google+.

Content Ideas

  • If there is any trending topic that is relevant to your business, incorporate that.
  • To answer questions from your followers real-time, start a hangout-on-air.
  • In order to get better engagement, you could embed videos, photos, and infographics etc.
  • You could also share some of your employees' content if they are active on Google+.