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Linkedin Checklist

LinkedIn is the best platform as far as business and professional networking is concerned. People can easily connect with their professional acquaintances, their industry people, view company updates, publish articles, and much more.

First Things First

  • Use Your Real Business Name: The maximum length you get is 100 characters- which is more than enough for business names. This is also used as the URL for the page.
  • Add Your Website: With 256 character limit, the URL should be for the homepage of your website. LinkedIn allows you to add a Showcase page attached to your company page, in case you want to highlight a particular product or service of your company.
  • Mention Your Description: You can talk about your company, its products and services in between 200-1500 characters. This helps people get to know what you actually specialize in.
  • Mention The Address: On LinkedIn it is important for you to mention the complete address of your Headquarters. Ensure you use the same spelling and full address across all platforms.
  • Specialties: As the name suggests, this space lets you talk about the top features of your company, products, and services. This is helpful in a way that they act as keywords and company page comes up in search results. You get 256 characters to mention those.

Pictures That Speak

  • Upload Standard Logo: The resolution of this should be 100*60 px over a white background. This is then overlaid atop white rectangle.
  • Upload Small Logo: The resolution of this should be no more than 50*50 px. Since it is used in network updates, ensure that the logo is easy to read and identify.
  • Select a Banner Image: The image should be in landscape layout and the size should not exceed 2 MB. Its resolution should be at least 646*220 px.

Next Steps

  • You cannot simply create a business page. First you should have a personal account then you can make a company page there.
  • If some of your updates are not relevant to all of your followers, you can use LinkedIn's option to limit them to only a small sub-set of followers. Share accordingly.
  • Since in the initial days your page won't get much exposure, asking employees to add your company page to their profile and to follow it for updates is a good move.

Content Ideas

  • Share relevant articles from similar industries.
  • Update your followers about major happenings about you as a company.
  • Visually appealing content generates traffic. Include that in your posts.
  • If you as a company maintain a blog, share posts from there too.