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Quora Checklist

Quora is an interesting platform for the inquisitive minds. Quora stands for Questions-or-answers. Here, the community of users can ask, answer, upvote, and organize questions and replies. First Things First

  • Use Your Real Name: Unlike other social media platforms, Quora does not let you set up a company account/ page. You could set up an account using your real name & there you can post answers on the behalf of your company- in case a question about or company/ service/ product is asked.
  • Choose a Password: 8 character long, a capital letter, a special character, and a numerical character- all these help create a difficult-to-hack password. Secure your password from hacks.
  • Write a Short Bio: This comes next to your name, while you write an answer. The limit for the same is around 60 characters. Owing to the space constraint, only around 37 characters show followed by (…). One could see this whole description only after clicking on 'More'.
  • Write The Description: you get around 600 characters to talk about yourself, your work ex., and anything that is relevant to your Quora interests.
  • Add Details About All That You Know: You get four sections namely Education, Employment, Locations, and Subjects Known. You can add topic bios for topics you are following.

Photos That Speak

  • Upload a Profile Picture: The profile picture should have a dimension of at least 200*200 px.

Next Steps

  • You/ an employee can mention the company under 'places you've worked'.
  • You can upvote any quality answer(s) you like in your feed.
  • If the answer has not been answered yet and you are seeking an answer, click on 'want answer'.
  • You receive 10 credits when people upvote your answer or vote an answer you requested from someone else (via Ask-to-Answer or A2A). If the person who actually asked the question upvotes the answer you gave to their question,you get an additional 50 credits.
  • This platform is not meant for self-promotion or company marketing. However, you can answer posts regarding your company if they are in relevance with the question asked.

Content Ideas

  • Ask questions that you are curious to know about.
  • Share your Quora questions on other social media platforms.
  • Write blog posts on topics that are relevant to your company/ product/ service and people want to know about.