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Youtube Checklist

The platform for sharing and watching videos on just about anything and everything is YouTube. It is owned and operated by Google. From music videos to TV clips, from movie clips to educational and training content, YouTube has it all.

First Things First

  • Finalize Your Username: In case you sign up with a Google account you've created before, the username will be automatically taken from the account name. It will also be used as URL for your profile page and should be between 5-20 characters. In case the username you wish to choose is taken, you can add short and sensible phrases like dr/ iam etc.
  • Use Your Real Name: The maximum length set by YouTube for the business name is 70 characters.
  • Select a Password: In order to make your profile page a secure haven, ensure that the password is a tough game.
  • Fill In The 'About' Section: Here, you need to describe your channel (1000 characters for the same), base of channel country, contact email address, and other important info & links.
  • Describe Your Videos: Each video needs a description. This is important not just for the viewer to understand but also for the video to come up in relevant searches. For titles, you get a maximum of 100 characters. For the video description just beneath the title, you get a character limit of 4850 characters. Ensure that each description is unique and relevant; it should contain a lot of keywords. For tags you get 500-character limit. Make sure you add them, too.

Images & Videos- The Pre-requisite

  • Upload The Channel Icon: Apart from being an icon for your channel, this image also acts as your Profile Pic. Since it appears square at some places and round at others, make sure it appears its best in both shapes. It renders at 98*98 px. However, YouTube recommends that you upload one with 800* 800 px resolution.
  • Upload a Video: The aspect ratio of 16:9 is used by YouTube. If your video does not seem to fit this bar, YouTube adds black bars to the video. Any video longer than 15 minutes is not allowed until the account has been verified. After the account has been verified, the maximum file size becomes 128 MB and maximum length becomes 11 hours.

Next Things To Do

  • If you have a Google+ account, you can create a business YouTube account from there itself. In case you don't have one, you can make a new business YouTube account & your Google+ account will automatically get created. For that 'verified' mark next to your Channel name, link your YouTube account to your Google account.
  • For any unsubscribed visitors, make a channel trailer that explains to them what is in store for them in the channel and what your channel/ company does.
  • Ensure that at the end of every video, viewers come across Call to Action (CTA) to like and subscribe to the channel.
  • Create playlists. This helps in easy navigation.

Content Ideas

  • Tape a guided tour of your office. Posting it helps connect with viewers.
  • Upload promotional videos every now and then.
  • Post 'Meet the staff' videos to give viewers an idea about who you are.
  • Create how-to videos/ tutorials/ tips etc. if relevant to your company/ brand.
  • Ask customers to record testimonials for you. It helps garner more viewers.