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Mobile is the heart of customer journey

In the travel industry, mobile experience works as the glue between online and offline experience. The reviews and feedback from the travelers depend on the quality of experience they get on their mobile devices. The companies that have understood this fact have already started working on the aspect and heavily invested in the mobile services to excel their competitors.

Mobile presence also helps the brands track their customer and offer them with the right information at the right time. Personalization, which is the top most priority for modern travelers is also possible with the mobile experience.


Evolution in consumer behavior will lead to the next phase of growth

No matter in which industry you are, the consumer is the king. Their behavior has the huge impact on the growth and same is for the travel and hospitality industry also. The improved technology and increased use of smartphones have brought revolutionary change in consumer behavior and taken their expectations from the service providers to a whole new level.

Tracking the buying process of today's customers is really difficult as you never know on which device they search the product and where they complete the shopping process. So, the important point for the business to get consistent growth is to ensure similar experience on all the available devices.


Expect to welcome more millennial travelers

They are the major contributors in the online travel industry. Including both the personal and business travelers, millennials make up around 40% of the leisure travelers. Their share is expected to grow further in future. To grow the business and increase revenue, travel and hospitality industry need to offer value to these online customers with advanced and tech-savvy solutions.

As they book tickets and share feedback on mobile devices, brands need to invest in mobile marketing. These are the young adults, who have a completely different approach. To tap this niche, traveling companies should focus on personalized online messages for them through different digital properties.


Gear up for growth with advanced IT solutions

This needs a proper understanding of the customer expectations and the skills required to meet those expectations. The advanced IT solutions can vary from an easy-to-use travel app to a mobile friendly website or price comparison tools for the great deals on hotels and flights.

As customers today have numerous choices and don't have the patience to dig deeper for the required information, the IT solutions help them get quick access to the required data. You can either hire skilled marketers or can join hands with the digital marketing company having experience in travel industry.

Engage and impress travelers with videos

Engagement and customer response is the success factor for any digital campaign. And one of the strongest tools for companies to grab the attention of the travelers is video marketing. Though this is a challenging marketing medium for many traveling companies, support of experts can ease the process. You can get an idea about the increasing trend of video marketing from the fact that the average time spent on watching digital video has increased from 21 minutes in 2011 to 1 hour and 16 minutes in 2015.

Round Ark has a skilled team for customized video marketing for traveling and hospitality industry. The brands focusing on strong social media presence should invest in videos as these offer maximum engagement.

Enter the next phase of business with mobile commerce

Mobile commerce could have been a choice till a few years back, but today it is a necessity to sustain in the highly competitive market. The unmatched mobile shopping experience is the necessity for any business to win the trust of customers and convert them into loyal customers. Customers are the foundation of any business and companies should strive to offer them maximum value.

Today it is almost impossible to find any company in the travel and hospitality industry that does not have mobile apps for easy bookings. The number of mobile bookings has increased manifolds in last few years and today makes around 30% of the total online travel market.

Round Ark keeps these facts in the mind and offers advanced solutions to the valued clients to help them grow their business with better mobile commerce. We offer advanced, easy-to-use and error-free mobile apps for travel and hospitality industry.